Estel Alcaraz (Terrassa, 1988) is an unconventional graphic and product designer.

She studied at the Art and Design School in Terrassa. She was awarded with the  ADI-FAD 2013 and she was runner-up in the Designpreis Halle, in Germany, with the same project: Sardines. A pair of waterproof boots that can be compressed like an umbrella would. It appears difficult to categorize her work, it encompasses so many things she doesn’t even know what she is actually working with. Is it industrial? Is it product?  She just lets her work speaks for itself.

Text by La Moodstore

Awards and exhibitions

La Moodstore (2017) / Design Hub Barcelona (2016) /  INJUVE (2015) / Frisches Design (2014) / Design Preis Halle (2014) / MID (2013) / Fachpack International Fair (2013) / ADI-FAD Award (2013) / Design Hub Barcelona (2013)


La Vanguardia – Sardinas bajo la lluvia (2014)

Ling Magazine Vueling – Las botas están hechas para plegarse (2014)

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